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Meet the Parents




Bailey girl is our sweet momma dog. She is a multi-gen golden doodle. Her mother was a miniature golden doodle and her father was a miniature poodle. Bailey is 20 pounds and her coloring is English Cream.She has a curly/wavy coat and is non-shedding. She is the sweetest girl that you will ever meet and the best momma dog. Bailey loves relaxing, chasing birds and socializing with EVERYONE. 



Lucy is Bailey's first puppy. She is four years old and just like her mommy, just the sweetest girl. Lucy's father is a miniature golden doodle named Jax and just like her father, she loves to play ball. She will fetch for hours if you let her and she can catch a ball from the air. She loves to play and her tail wags like no other dog that I've ever met. It is very rare to find a dog like Lucy because both of her parents are miniature golden doodles. She is 25 pounds and her coat is nice and curly, she does not shed and her coloring is a gorgeous apricot. She just had her first litter last summer and they were gorgeous little apricot colored pups. 






Dewey is our resident stud muffin from Austin, Texas. We searched for the perfect daddy dog and we came across an amazing breeder from Texas. We put a deposit down for one of their male pups and we waited until the perfect boy for us was born. We waited almost two years but he was worth the wait because he is a doll. Dewey's mother is a miniature golden doodle who looks a lot like our Bailey girl and his dad was a moyen poodle. Dewey is a 17 pound, cream colored miniature golden doodle with a very tight curly coat. Dewey enjoys cuddling, wearing sweaters and going on walks.  Dewey just fathered his first litter this past summer with Bailey. They are known as the Sesame Street Litter.

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