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guardian home program


We are currently looking for the perfect Guardian Home for a female puppy.  This is an awesome opportunity for the right person, couple or family. More information is below as well as an application if you are interested. 

What is the Guardian Program? 


The Guardian Program allows us as breeders to place our breeding dogs, usually as puppies, in their permanent, loving, forever homes. We do not believe puppies/dogs should be placed in a kennel style environment and wish to give them the best life possible. We can only house so many in our personal home as pets. They are our family. We have started this program to give any future breeding dogs the same loving care. Guardian homes act as “foster homes” until the terms of our agreement are satisfied and then full ownership will be transferred to the guardian.

What is the benefit to you?

You will receive a “pick of the litter” puppy, top breeding quality and a possible pick from a future litter if determined by the terms of our agreement or financial compensation. You will help give this dog the best life possible. 

What is the benefit to us, the breeders? 

Our  puppy will be in a permanent, forever home, getting the attention and living environment conducive to creating an exceptional pet and allowing us to continue our breeding program. We can continue to breed amazing golden doodle puppies as well as give our current dogs the amazing love and care that we already do. 


What is the sacrifice for you?

We technically own your puppy until the terms of agreement have been met (typically after 3 breedings for females).  Once the terms are met, we will spay/neuter at our expense and transfer full ownership to you.

Your female dog will come live with us at one week before her due date and until the puppies are weened at about 6 weeks (but will live with you during her pregnancy). We will allow visits that are scheduled and agreed upon. 

You must be available for us to take your dog for breeding, generally 7-10 days after her heat cycle begins.  You will have to endure a few heat cycles and keep her away from male dogs during this time (and maybe female dogs if she is a bit hormonal).

Why is it so important to find the perfect home? 

I have to trust you with my breeding dog so we have to be sure we are a great match for each other. We love these dogs as our own and we want to find someone that will do the same.


-You have to have great communication with us and keep us up to date on vet appointments, illness, changes, etc. 

-Live in the Baltimore Metropolitan area and plan to stay in this area until the terms of the contract have been met
-Have a fenced in yard
-Notify me immediately when your female dog comes in heat.
-Routine vet care (we pay for breeding related expenses, but you are responsible for routine care)
-Ensure your puppy is well socialized and exercised daily
-Ensure your female isn’t around intact males during her cycle. 
-You must regularly groom the dog and provide proper care

-You must be okay with your dog leaving for 6-7weeks to live with us while she is in her last week of pregnancy and then caring for the puppies. 

If you are interested, please fill out the application. There will be a spot on the application for you to also ask questions. 

Guardian Home Application

Thanks for submitting!

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