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Meet the Parents


Lucy is one of our first puppies. She is a double doodle, both parents are golden doodles. She is six years old and she has a classic golden retriever look with a curly, non-shedding coat. Lucy's father is a medium golden doodle named Jax and just like her father, she loves to play ball. She will fetch for hours if you let her and she can catch a ball from the air. She loves to play and her tail wags like no other dog that I've ever met. It is very rare to find a dog like Lucy because both of her parents are golden doodles. She is 35 pounds and her coat is nice and curly, she does not shed and her coloring is a gorgeous apricot. 




Jake, like Lucy, is a double doodle. He is the same size at around 35 pounds and he has a curly, non-shedding coat. Jake also carries the "parti" gene so he creates puppies with white markings and spots that are incredibly rare and beautiful. Jake loves to play fetch, is great with kids and is a very sweet boy. We got him from a fantastic breeder in Ohio and he has fathered three gorgeous, healthy litters for us.

Jake and Lucy create F3 Goldendoodle puppieswhich is rare- both parents and grandparents are goldendoodles. 






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